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 The Coweta County Family Connection (CCFC) Collaborative vision is to ensure all individuals and families of Coweta County become stable and self-sufficient. CCFC’s mission is to provide a networking opportunity for all community partners to connect resources and services for Coweta County. CCFC partners include public agencies, nonprofits, civic and faith-based organizations, business partners, local government, family, youth, and consumers.

Governance Type:  Meet and confer – CCFC is not a nonprofit organization
Collaborative Functional Type:  Partner Engagement

Collaborative Description and Activities to Strengthen Effectiveness:  The Coweta County Family Connection (CCFC) Collaborative efforts are focused on engaging community members, agency partners, and stakeholders to become viable collaborative members. The collaborative will continue to build new relationships, and strengthen current partnerships through improved outreach and education of community resources, events, and opportunities to serve within the collaborative. Once engaged, collaborative members support partner missions and initiatives, share resources, and unite for collaborative specific community events.

Funding Amount for FY ’21: $48,000 (Every county in GA receives the same amount)

Desired Outcome: Improved stable and self-sufficient individuals and families in Coweta County.

Strategy:  The Coweta County Family Connection Collaborative works to provide resources, and networking opportunities, to partners in order to assist individuals and families reach self-sufficiency. The FY ’21 Focus is School Readiness/Success.

Monthly collaborative meetings for Networking and Sharing Resources
CCFC Resource Directory
CCFC Website and Social Media
Collaborative Member Recognition / CCFC Ambassadors
Support for collaborative members
Family, Youth, and Community Engagement
RePack the BackPack / Resource Expo
Collect Data to identify needs, and gaps in services, to help fill those gaps collaboratively

Where you can plug in:
Receive, Read,  and Resend our newsletters to your sphere of influence-help spread the word!

Teams are open to all: 
Strategic TeamCollaborative Networking to increase school aged participation in Preschool or Pre-K programs, and to increase the number of Quality Rated Centers in Coweta County

Events Team: Annual Resource Expo: team members plan, implement, and evaluate CCFC’s  annual events. Explore other events/training applicable to the strategy.

Communications Team: Marketing CCFC with Information Dissemination: team members create, and distribute, CCFC materials through a variety of venues (social media, web page, newsletters, speakers bureau etc.) to increase collaborative membership/participation. Increase collaborative membership.

Governance Team: Periodically review and update Bylaws as needed. Create policy and procedures for interns, volunteers, and other items as they arise.

CCFC is funded directly from the Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP), which provides funding for every county in Georgia. GaFCP, a nonprofit public-private intermediary, assists each local collaborative initiative, which promotes stable and self-sufficient families throughout Georgia. GaFCP fosters local collaborative decision making by providing technical support, connecting local, regional, state, and national partners, and  provides data, research and evaluation of Georgia families.

Please visit the CCFC website at coweta.gafcp.org, or the GaFCP website at gafcp.org for more information. Like us on Facebook at Coweta County Family Connection Collaborative. Contact Carol Prince, CCFC Executive Director at [email protected] for more information.