About Us

Who We Are

The Coweta County Family Connection (CCFC) Collaborative vision is to ensure all individuals and families of Coweta County become stable and self-sufficient. CCFC’s mission is to provide a networking opportunity for all community partners to connect resources and services for Coweta County. CCFC partners include public agencies, nonprofits, civic and faith-based organizations, business partners, local government, family, youth, and consumers.

An ongoing project for CCFC is to be a community resource for individuals and families seeking assistance from human service providers. The 2017 CCFC Resource Directory is available in print or online in English and Spanish. Also available, a link to community wide resources’ websites. The CCFC Collaborative meetings serve as a major resource for all community members within Coweta. CCFC General Collaborative meetings are open to the public.

The current CCFC initiative, Empower-Educate-Employ, goal is to provide a collaborative opportunity for Coweta County Residents to gain a GED, entrance into post secondary educational and training programs, employment, and advance career positions. Community members, agencies, and businesses may contribute to the work of the CCFC Collaborative through partnership opportunities by providing a GED test scholarship of $160, other funds toward educational opportunity, provide employment for individual(s), or becoming a mentor. CCFC partners with CLICK (Certified Literate is Coweta’s Key) for educational funding.

CCFC is funded directly from the Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP), which provides funding for every county in Georgia. GaFCP, a nonprofit public-private intermediary, assists each local collaborative initiative, which promotes stable and self-sufficient families throughout Georgia. GaFCP fosters local collaborative decision making by providing technical support, connecting local, regional, state, and national partners, and  provides data, research and evaluation of Georiga families.


Please visit the CCFC website at coweta.gafcp.org, or the GaFCP website at gafcp.org for more information. Like us on Facebook at Coweta County Family Connection Collaborative. Contact Carol Breissinger, CCFC Coordinator at cowetafc@gmail.com for more information.